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George Sorocold - the mystery man

Engineering timelines contributors Paul Sharratt and Alan Gifford have been championing the cause of little-known hydraulic engineer George Sorocold, who was very active at the end of the 17th century and start of the 18th. Sorocold is perhaps best known for Derby Waterworks but he also worked all over the country, including in London, where he contributed waterwheels and pumps to the system installed under Old London Bridge.

Paul and Alan have been sleuthing hard, as little detail is known of Sorocold's life. We don't even know what he looked like. They have recently unearthed enough information to show that Sorocold's erstwhile accepted birthdate is likely incorrect. Meanwhile, they successfully nominated our hero for a Derby Civic Society Blue Plaque, which can now been seen on Derby Silk Mill ... with the old birthdate!

Read the full biography by Paul and Alan ...

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